Are Rohingya Muslims Getting Wiped Off Myanmar’s Map?

After the ritual, a grand feast is held at the loved ones household or in a functions venue to mark the event. The ceremony itself is considered lokiya, or “earthly”, in the Buddhist tradition, and as such is not officiated more than by a monk or abbot . Instead, a Brahmin priest presides over the ritual, which starts with the blowing of a conch shell as the couple have the…Read More

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The previously unreported actions by Myanmar’s military on Facebook are amongst the initial examples of an authoritarian government’s applying the social network against its personal people today. It is a further facet of the disruptive disinformation campaigns that are unfolding on the web page. In the past, state-backed Russians and Iranians spread divisive and inflammatory messages through Facebook to folks in other countries. In the United States, some domestic groups…Read More