The Modern Day Voice Of Classic Elegance

Handmade in Italy, our knitted silk ties are lightweight and great in any season. A knitted tie is a good way to smarten up an outfit without the need of hunting overly formal. Constructed from 100% silk knit, the blade width measures 7cm and features a tie loop on the inside. Suit up with this textured tie bar design, inspired by the bottom point of a diamond. Our SSBS-520 stainless…Read More

We Overview The New, Sustainable N°1 De Chanel Beauty Line

Eau de parfum is intended to be utilized much more generously than parfum, producing it a very good option for each day wear. In 1920, Ernest Beaux brought 5 perfumes he had developed to Coco Chanel. She chose the fifth sample to give as gifts to her greatest customers. Know that several versions of the identical perfume won’t smell the similar. Later perfumers update classic fragrances when preserving their signature…Read More